Are you starting junior year and worrying about college?

As your junior year starts, and the college search is not far behind, you (or your parents) might be wondering what you should be focusing on. Here are the two most common mistakes high school juniors tend to make:

  1. Waiting too long to prepare for and take standardized tests

Many students think they can wait until

A college’s location can really matter. If you plan on living on campus, you’ll want to consider these tips on choosing a college location.

Choosing a College Location

Obviously, academics play a big role in determining the right school to attend. But so does location. Ask yourself “Where do I want to study?” Are you a comfortable urban dweller or are you more relaxed in a country setting? Is year-round sunshine a must, or will

Honors Colleges and Honors Programs

Honors Colleges and Honors Programs vary in size, quality, curriculum, advising, and financial aid opportunities. Here are 10 questions to ask.

Honors Colleges and Honors Programs

Many public universities, and even some smaller private schools, offer opportunities for students to access a smaller and more selective and intimate college experience than they might otherwise. Some universities offer Honors Programs and some Honors Colleges. They vary in size, quality, curriculum, advising, and financial aid opportunities. Students who

How college application has changed – the process has gotten more competitive across the board because applicant sizes are growing faster than seats.

How College Admissions Has Changed

How College Admissions Have Changed 1Things have changed since 1980. Back then, if you had a good academic record and solid SAT/ ACT scores, you were likely headed to your first choice in higher learning. In the 90’s, some

Tips on preparing for the college admissions interview. With so many applicants with similar grades, colleges may use the interview as the deciding factor.

Preparing for the College Admissions Interview

In the current college admissions climate, successful applicants will need to present more than just a written application. To be sure, strong academic credentials are an important component, but they are no longer sufficient to earn admission into many selective institutions of higher learning. Today,